Hello World!

The common first step on your journey to learning a new programming language. Almost every entry level programming class I have taken has begun with the simple program to output “Hello World!” This often helps to verify all the installations went smoothly and that everything is working.

This webpage is designed for the beginner programmer, hopefully it reaches people who want to learn programming for any reason. It may be a hobby, it may be a passing interest or maybe you are pursuing a career in programming. Whatever the case, welcome and enjoy!

Some programming languages build off of others. It may be harder to learn Javascripts or PHP if you have not learned HTML and CSS. Others are stand alone languages.  Here is a quick mini breakdown of some languages and systems you may want to learn.

  • HTML – This is the nuts and bolts of what you see on webpages.  Most of HTML is putting things in between proper tags.  E.g. <title>My Great Blog</title>  It is very easy to learn.
  • CSS – is used to format HTML, so you will need to learn HTML first.  It is what makes it pretty and more user friendly.  It saves you from having to repeat yourself  using HTML.  E.g. #headerarea {background-color: yellow;}  Conceptually a bit tougher than HTML, but still relatively simple to learn.
  • Javascript – Allows a webpage to become interactive.  If you ave seen pop-up messages or forms that give error messgages when not filled out correctly, then you have likely seen Javascript in action.  This is a great first traditional programming language, but HTML and CSS will be good prerequisites before you get started.  It is easy to learn and rewarding to the novice developer because you see your code in action in a webpage.
  • WordPress – The champion of web page development platforms. It is easy to learn the basics but can take time to learn the back-end. Can have a basic website up and running in no time.
  • Python – Simple to set up and easy to learn with intuitive operation.
  • Ruby – coming soon

So jump in and get started!